Important Notice Regarding 2020 Annual General Meeting

A Chairde,

St. Joseph’s GAC, Glenavy will host their AGM on Sunday 22nd November at 6.00pm via Microsoft Teams. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions our AGM cannot go ahead as normal.


Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows clubs to create an online meeting and allows attendees to view presentations, ask questions via text or voice chat, and facilitates online voting.


How do I get it?

Microsoft Teams is available for anyone to use and can be accessed via a web browser e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. To access the free version of Teams please visit the Microsoft website at:

All that is required to register is an email address (any email address including Gmail, Yahoo or other email service).


How will I access the meeting?

Any adult club member is entitled to attend the meeting. If they wish to attend, they must email the club secretary 1 week before the AGM (14th November). The reason for this is to allow everyone to attending to have Microsoft Teams downloaded and to receive the link to attend the meeting. Secretary email:

The secretary will then respond with an invitation link which will become live 20minutes before the AGM is due to begin. If you require any assistance on any of this feel free to also email the club secretary.


What is the format of the meeting?

The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:

(a) Adoption of Standing Orders

(b) Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

(c) Annual Report submitted by the Secretary

(d) Financial Statements including the Report of the Treasurer

(e) The Chairperson’s Address

(f) Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

(g) Notices of Motion

(h) Other Business


Why should I attend?

Any club is only as strong and as proactive as its committee can be. As always we are looking to develop and grow and build upon the excellent work that has been done by our previous committees over the years. If you feel you can add to this, please do look at the roles that any adult member can put themselves forward for or can be nominated for by another adult member.



Motions for AGM

As members and committee members you can also voice your opinion on how to best steer the club forward by making a motion to the club’s AGM which will then be voted on and if carried will become club policy. Any such motion must be typed and sent to the club secretary by Friday 6th November to be included in AGM notes.



All reports will be sent to club members on Monday 9th for scrutiny and to allow members time to raise any question that can be answered at the AGM. Again these queries etc. have to be raised through the club secretary via email by Friday 20th November and that question can be asked by the member directly or through the secretary.


Attached Items

Attached below is our current committee and a blank list for nominating a committee member(s) or officer(s). If you would like to put yourself forward you can do so and if you would like to nominate another member you must ask their permission before doing so. Again, any queries on this can be emailed to the club secretary:


Current Committee:

Committee List 2020

Nominating Form for Club Committee 2021:

Committee Nominations Form