***Important Notice – Return to Play Guidelines***

Please read this important announcement carefully and follow the instructions. All players must complete the procedures in order to return to play. The Club thanks you in advance for your cooperation.


In accordance with the GAA guidelines St. Joseph’s G.A.C. are making a return to play on 26th June.

Prior to returning, all players must take the following steps:

  1. Ensure your membership has been renewed. Contact you team coach if you need to renew your membership.
  2. Ensure you have completed the CoVid Education Module and send a screenshot of the completion certificate to your team coach. If U18 your parent/guardian is required to do this.
  1. Before attending your initial training session, complete the Covid 19 Health Declaration and bring it to the session. If you are U18 your parent/guardian must complete the Health Declaration on your behalf. The Health Declaration is available here – http://returntoplay.gaa.ie
  • The Health Declaration will be returned to you after the session and for every subsequent session you or your parent/guardian will be required to complete the declaration that your health circumstances have not changed
  • Any player who has not completed these steps will not be permitted to take part in the session.
  • If you have any symptoms of CoVid 19 You MUST STAY AT HOME and should consult your GP.


When you return:

  1.  The clubrooms including toilets will not be available for use.
  2. You should only travel to sessions with family members.
  3. You must complete the CoVid 19 Health Declaration on the App before each session.
  4. You must bring your own water bottle.
  5. Your parents are encouraged to drop off and leave, returning to pick you up.
  6. You must not enter the pitch until you coach gives you the go ahead – even if late.
  7. Your hands will be sanitized before entering and exiting the pitch. All equipment will be sanitized before and after each session.
  8. After each session you should leave the club grounds as quickly as possible.
  9. If you have any symptoms of CoVid 19 You MUST STAY AT HOME and should consult your GP.



Further details can be found via the following links regarding CoVid supervisors for each team: