Senior Ladies Raise Funds for Glenavy Covid-19 Response

Our Senior Ladies were raising funds for the Glenavy Covid – 19 response last week. They have covered “The Length of Ireland and Back” by walking, running and rowing. From Malinhead to Mizenhead, back to Malinhead before heading home to Chapel Hill covering a distance of over 1200km.

Orlagh McClinton kept a diary of events in a week where she also was running 10k per day to raise money for the Friends of Africa…not an easy endeavour by any stretch of the imagination.

Well done to all our players and coaches. A great effort by all involved with over £1600 raised. Great team work, camaraderie and competitiveness on show! Have a read of some of Orlagh’s diary below:


Update Day 2???

So far Glenavy Ladies have travelled 365km as the crow flies they have travelled to Co.Cork! Well on target for covering the length of Ireland and back this week.

So far we have had runners, walkers and even a rower as Geraldine still makes the KM’s with a broken ankle.
Megan bumped into a few minions, while Natasha made friends with an Alpaca.
Our mummies of the group recruted their little ones, starting them young.
Discussion around flattest route in the area and Bronagh reckons Chapel Hill is the best place to start.


Update Day 3???


Over 530Km traveller as the crow flies Glenavy Ladies have travelled all the way to Mizan Head and are coming back up North. We reckon they are probably somewhere around Co.Kerry by now!

Orla McCambridge was 1st to get the steps in today all the way from some hillbilly town in Queensland Australia ?? It’s got nothing on the Glenavy sunshine if you ask us!
Cathy’s still raging she didn’t get a video of the sheep sneezing. Meanwhile Orlagh Mullan managed to spot a cow after days of claiming there was none to be found in Randalstown. Ellen and Chloe made the most of their afternoon danders, rumours have it there were even some deliveries along the way. Eva is yet to be seen on today’s activity, the weighted vest must have finally got the best of her.

*Over £1000 raised and counting!* ✨
*Where will this money go? *
The funding will go directly to buying food and hygiene products for local residents. Each week the Glenavy Covid-19 group deliver food packages to families across Glenavy, from single elderly to families who have fallen on hard times. They are operating a food bank mainly made up of donations however these supplies wouldn’t be enough to put together meals. So the funding is being using to purchase items such as ham, cheese, eggs etc. Many people in our community are relying on these deliveries. Thank you for all the incredible generosity so far.


Update Day 4???

Over 730KM travelled as the crow flies Glenavy Ladies have travelled over 200KM today. Heading in around the Green and Red or Mayo.

Can you spot where we’ve been today? Megan says the only thing she bumps into in Crumlin is a few sheep or Cathy. Eva must have heard us yesterday as she was spied doing early morning sprints at the Rock. Bronagh Forester may have managed to drag every member of her family out for some form of exercise today. Mary was doing laps to get away from the dissertation while Orlagh McClinton could be seen crawling her way to 10K down the Lough Road. Meanwhile Coach Declan became a Tour Guide for Glenavy Village. Orla Fay went for a run and a walk because her husband says he’s only donating for her running KM’s. Peter reminded us of the dreaded running last season at Mary Peters and Cristin sent a wee photo of the pitch looking as wonderful as ever (Thanks Gary and Gerard) Can’t wait to be back playing soon!

The Covid Response group in Glenavy have had another pro-active day today delivering and purchasing goods for those in need at this time in our community. Due to our funding the delivery boxes are becoming more full and families are so grateful. Long may this continue.. If you or someone you know needs help at this time please do not be afraid to get in touch. We’re all in this together


Update Day 5 Glenavy Ladies Covid19 Challenge ???

As we start the weekend we are heading towards our target having totalled 860Km to date. Hitting the hills of Donegal today.

A glorious day to with temperatures high, Eva had to leave the weighted vest at home. Edel lost signal somewhere around Magheralin but promises she got her steps in. Grainne ran her first 10k and said it’ll probably be her last, showing Orlagh up. However Megan said it looked suspicious when the map showed her half way across Lough Neagh, we didn’t know swimming was allowed. We had a few tour guides around Crumlin today. Cristin took some glorious pics as Cathy’s rolled ankle got the better of her.(Wouldnt be us if we didn’t have an injury) but she was in the right place, sure Mater Dai still looks well, not too much dust. Geraldine’s rowed so much that her little fan club at home have stopped cheering. Maeve Hamill is upholding the family name with her steps around Upper Ballinderry. Lots more KMs in the bag today,tough going in that heat! Great work girls, looking forward to the weekend antics.

Nothing but good news from our Covid Response group. With your donations it is making a huge difference. If you or someone you know needs help at this time please do not be afraid to get in touch

Final day Glenavy Ladies Covid19 Challenge ???

We made it! The length of Ireland and back, then from Mizan head to Chapel hill for a few laps around the walking track.

A fantastic team effort over the week, if only we had as good a turnout for training as we have for this! Final day brought competition out in a big way. Here’s the top 10 leaderboard. While Orla Fay was out showcasing Lambeg,Orlagh had been running 10K a day, Megan and Cathy managed morning and evening walks and runs. Courtney, Fiona and Natasha went quietly about their day. Mary reaches the leaderboard when her mummy beat her running time while Bronagh Forester had to make the cut when she dragged her family members out every day. It’s the final countdown for top place. Megan walked 18KM to knock Orlagh McClinton off top spot, (she’s raging claims she ran the most) with Cathy close behind she reached first place. Megan and Cathy can now be found somewhere around Crumlin walking to try and beat each other they both stand at top of the leaderboard, competitive much?

Well done Girls! Big things expected when the season kicks off again!


Over £1500 raised THANK YOU!
You still have time to donate to the Glenavy Covid 19 fund!
If you or someone you know needs help at this time please do not be afraid to get in touch
Mobile 07541819642